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Antivirus Security and Virus Removal


Call us now on 07473895052 if you have a virus you want removed or you want reliable antivirus protection installed

We will install and configure the best anti-virus product for you to make sure that you are safe from accidental virus downloads and email attachment viruses. We'll choose the best anti-virus product for you suited to the number of devices you need it on and the type of business you operate. We work closely with Kaspersky lab anti-virus who have products tailored for home users including features like excellent parental controls, remote anti-virus administration and important file backup. Kaspersky have anti-virus products tailored for business for high security from phishing attacks, user identity and system integrity attacks. With Kaspersky you can choose specific data to lock up in a vault to protect confidential information from unauthorised access and data leakage and unlock it with ease. Kaspersky protects your computer from ransomware which is when a malicious program encrypts data on your computer or locks you out of operating system features and rootkits that take complete control of your computer.


Why choose us for Kaspersky anti-virus? Because we have the know-how to configure your software for you to tailor it for your needs, to adjust how you are notified when a program tries to make changes to your computer and to automatically detect specific threats and choose the method to deal with the source of the problem. We will be there for you should you have a change of mind about the way your anti-virus product operates and you want a change in the configuration of the software.


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