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I will install and configure the best anti-virus product suited for your needs to make sure that you are safe from accidental virus downloads and email attachment viruses. I’ll choose the best anti-virus product for you suited to the number of devices you need it on and the type of business you operate. I work with all the antivirus products who have products tailored for home users including features like parental controls, remote anti-virus administration and important file backup. I can choose anti-virus products tailored for business for high security from phishing attacks, identity theft and system integrity attacks. I can choose specific data to protect by encrypting which means only you can access your data with your password, lock it up in a vault to protect confidential information from unauthorised access and data leakage and unlock it with ease. Antivirus protects your computer from ransomware which is when a malicious program that works against your security encrypts your data, removing your control or locks you out of operating system features. There are rootkits that take complete control of your computer.
Why choose me for antivirus? I will configure your antivirus product for you so that it allows you to visit certain websites, download files, open specific applications, adjust the security level of it so that it doesn’t obstruct your usage habits. I will remove viruses for you, remove spyware and restore security and control back to you if you are concerned that you have been hacked and someone has access to credit/debit card, bank information or website accounts.
I can setup antivirus that can be manged remotely on the website, you can take use of controls like wipe clear data on your PC, phone or tablet or take a photoshoot of anybody who you think has stolen your device.

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