PC, Computer Repairs, Laptop Repairs & Apple Mac Repairs in Bowburn

Tel: 07473 895 052

I charge no callout fee and exercise a no-fix no-fee policy

I provide computer and laptop repairs and software management in Bowburn.  I will come and diagnose faults with your computer/laptop/PC or Mac and provide you an affordable quote based on your budget in Bowburn. I will not charge you if I cannot find a solution to your computer problem.

I respond quickly to your call and provide free advice. I fix problems with your Windows operating system from Windows XP to Windows 10. I’ll fix problems with forgetting passwords, system stability issues, slow performance, error message boxes, missing windows tools and programs, corrupted software. I can either provide on-site or remote support to your convenience, with remote support I can be with you almost instantly to resolve your pc problems and deliver your requirements. I have years of experience fixing computers and I’m passionate about providing excellent customer service. I am knowledgeable with a range of computing equipment from legacy (out of date) to the latest hardware and software.

If your computer/laptop is running slow, having problems connecting devices to the network and internet or you have spyware or virus issues then call us today on 07473895052 for a quote or just for free advice. I provide services such as virus and spyware removal, Windows operating system repair, Apple Mac repair, web browser problem solving, email/outlook program problem solving, hard drive issue problem solving and any other problem solving areas. 

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