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Cloud service approach makes it so you don’t need a networking or server infrastructure in your business as you are receiving the software platform over the internet as a cloud service. This Software as a Service platform allows you to continue working while your data is saved over the cloud and all your colleagues can access the same system loging in with their details. You have a Single Sign-on system where you login to one place and you get all your services and applications available to you with minimum hassle. Because your data is being delivered over the cloud, you can rest safe assured that your data is safe from hardware disaster because the data is duplicated on multiple storage drives and servers at your provider’s location so you don’t have to worry about having on-site and off-site backups. You can adopt a hybrid solution where you still have a network and server infrastructure in your business but you also have an Azure system with it’s applications and services and you can integrate your server licences onto the Azure platform. With Azure you can run your favorite Microsoft applications like Office 365, SQL Server and SharePoint applications without needing to install them the user computer, but that’s not it, you can also install other non-Microsoft Applications to Azure.

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