Our Commercial Services

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Our services are aimed at small businesses looking for new computing infrastructure or businesses with existing computing infrastructure. We offer pay as you go services as well as customised contracts to fit your needs. We provide advice on best methods to keep your data safe and to minimise business down time. We have a variety of software we can install on your computer and we’ll manage your software to make sure it’s up to date. We make sure that your computers and network are secure from hackers/prying eyes over the internet and internally inside your office so that your data is not stolen. We setup Microsoft Office or other applications that you require and setup customised file storage that best suits your needs. We’ll develop user guides and policies on request to ensure reliability, safety and security of data in your business. We provide remote off-site support and late working hours for the convenience of your business. Check out our Services page to explore the range of services we offer and contact us if there is something you require.

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