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PC, Computer Repairs, Laptop Repairs & Apple Mac Repairs in Durham


I offer a professional computer support service in Durham. I fix problems and provde support for computers, laptops, networks and computer connected devices in your business or home in Durham.

I provide convenient computer support as on-site or remote IT support service to you or you can come to me. I can customise your computer installation and configure security using my excellent knowledge base. I can remove viruses for you, configure antivirus and implement email spam filtering, I can configure the firewall for you to allow a program to operate with another program on the network or over the internet. I fix problems with hard drive malfunctions, failures, recover your data, provide disaster recovery service, configure third party software for you to maintain your computer system. I fix problems with Windows user profile logons, corrupt user profiles or operating system installations, corrupt data, missing data and accidentally deleted data. I can fix problems caused after Windows Update like black screens, blue screens, infinite loading circle, bar or cursor. I can fix problems with start menu not opening up when clicked on, problems with opening programs that won't load or problems with starting the operating system. I can fix problems with Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10. I can upgrade your operating system from a lower version to a higher version and transfer your existing programs. I can fix problems such as hard drive not detected or select boot device. I can transfer data from failing hard drives and clone operating systems or securely erase data you want getting rid off. I can give you computer usage lessons. I can fix and problems you have with scheduled tasks failing to launch, backup problems or RAID setup configuration. You can rely on me to fix problems with your computer/laptop/PC and deliver it back to you quickly. I have experience and knowledge to fix problems with operating systems, software, Outlook, email and install and configure your required software.

If your computer/laptop is running slow, having problems connecting devices to the network and internet, you have spyware or virus issues then call me today on 07473895052 for a quote or just for free advice. I provide services such as virus/spyware removal, Microsoft Windows support and repair, Apple Mac support and repair, web browser problem solving, email/Outlook program problem solving, hard drive issue problem solving and any other computer support problem solving.







I am certified with the following certifications

CompTIA A+ Certified CE Logo.pngCompTIA Network+ Certified CE Logo.pngCompTIA Security+ Certified CE Logo.pngcert-ms-systems-admin.jpg


I am affiliated with the following companies

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