PC, Computer Repairs, Laptop Repairs & Apple Mac Repairs in Gateshead


I provide computer and laptop repairs to consumers and businesses in Gateshead. I am highly skilled with resolving problems with Windows and Mac and can configure your computer to your liking in Gateshead.

I have knowledge how to fix problems with hard drives, memory, processor, graphics and to resolve all operating system issues you may have. I can set up security on your PC for you, configure antivirus and remove viruses for you. I can transfer data from one drive to another and help you maintain a backup. I can resolve problems with not being able to logon, error messages, programs not loading and possible virus issues. I Can speed up your computer, recover data and resolve glitches and bugs with your operating system. I can upgrade your computer with faster performing hardware, upgrade your operating system for you and retain and transfer your existing programs.

If your computer/laptop is running slow, having problems connecting devices to the network and internet, or you have spyware or virus issues then call me today on 07473895052 for a quote or just for free advice. I can build computers for you, migrate a system from an old computer to a new computer, resolve problems with not being able to log into windows and install suitable software on your computer to peform administrative tasks automatically.






We are certified with the following certifications

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