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PC, Computer Repairs, Laptop Repairs & Apple Mac Repairs in Stanley


I provide professional computer services to homes and offices in Stanley. I will come to your site or offer remote IT support at a convenient time to you in Stanley.

I fix problems with Windows operating systems and software like Microsoft Office. I provide Microsoft Windows support, resolving problems with missing hard drives, boot partition failures, missing boot device. I install and configure software for you; install device drivers and make sure your system is fully up to date. I remove spyware, viruses, malware, adware and ransomware. I can implement email spam filtering, install antivirus software for you and manage all your computer needs for you. I can choose a cloud storage solution for your needs. I can resolve a problem with your laptop not charging, I can resolve a problem with your computer or laptop not turning on. I can repair hardware problems with power supplies, processors and diagnose problems with graphics such as visual glitches and flashing images. I can upgrade computers and laptops with more memory, I can recover data that's been deleted. I can resolve all IT technical problems like black screens, blue screens, freezing, slow performance, programs not launching. I can install device software for you like MP3 devices, webcams, bluetooth devices, I can reinstall your operating system for you and make your computer run faster.

Call me now on 07473895052 to discuss about a repair, system build, system upgrade or system management. I can give you a quote or offer free advice.







I am certified with the following certifications

CompTIA A+ Certified CE Logo.pngCompTIA Network+ Certified CE Logo.pngCompTIA Security+ Certified CE Logo.pngcert-ms-systems-admin.jpg


I am affiliated with the following companies

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