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Device Management


Want to bring your own device (BYOD) to work but want to implement security controls over that device to ensure your phone and the business network is secure? I can implement Mobile Device Management software and set controls to prevent malware and viruses from spreading on your network. I can choose which apps to be whitelisted or blacklisted, which branded models to allow or disallow, and I can ensure your mobile device is up to date with anti-virus protection and software updates. I can implement remote wiping if your device is lost and you want to be assured that the data will not get into the wrong hands and I can implement geo-tracking to investigate the whereabouts of a lost device. I can ensure Outlook runs functionally, with email and calendar data synchronised through all devices, I can configure your phone settings for you to allow call forwarding, redirection and unlock password protected phones.







I am certified with the following certifications

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