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Unrivalled Computer Repair Service

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I can diagnose problems with your computer, PC, laptop or mobile device and fix it for you quicker than some larger PC repair corporations, I'm passionate and dedicated to the service I deliver to you.

Rest assured that when you are hiring my services you are trusting and talking to a qualified and reliable engineer. I fix all kinds of problems with computers, laptops, PCs, desktops, printers, iPads, tablets and Android devices. I fix problems with PCs from login problems with user accounts, problems with not booting when you start the computer. Your PC is crashing, going into blue screen or it freezes occasionally and continues working afterwards? Your PC doesn't open up specific programs, even after reinstalling them they still won't launch/load or start? Windows programs/tools are not starting when you click on them? Windows corruption problems? Corrupt user profiles that you can't login to anymore?


I fix problems with hardware and software issues. I configure Windows settings like network configuration, theme settings, custom security, user accounts, system image backups, configure hard drive speed performance and data backup methods. If you've got problems with smashed laptop screens, damaged in any other way, or problems with laptop hardware, call your convenient and professional computer service North East IT Support.


If your PC/computer/desktop won't power on, you think there might be a problem with the Power Supply (PSU), your memory (RAM) is causing the computer to crash, your CPU is causing your computer to slow down (throttle) or crash, call me as these are problems I can fix quickly for you and return your computer back to you so that you are back to doing the things that are important to you.

Check out the sections down here for more info about PC & Computer Repairs and Laptop & Tablet Repairs delivered from North East IT Support, your reliable and competitive computer help service.

PC & Computer Repairs

Laptop & Tablet Repairs