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Backup your email rules to use in future

Have you, or are you thinking about coming to the stage where you are moving your Outlook program and email addresses over to another computer or laptop? Have you thought that you have set a lot of email filters, such as by clicking the mark as junk icon will automatically apply a rule that will send email sent to your mail box to the junk folder? All those rules you've made are unique to that Outlook program on a specific computer that you made them on! Rules such as send to another folder, target email coming in with specific words in the title or subject can be backed up so that you can distribute them to other computers operating the same email address so incoming mail rules apply the same.

Here I will show you how to backup your email rules so you can apply your rules in the future if you were to reinstall your computer or transfer the email rules to another computer.


Step 1.

Under the move section in Outlook:


Select Rules then Manage Rules & Alerts.


Step 2.

Select all the rules you want to be saved and then click on Option in the menu.



Step 3.

Then click Export Rules and save the filename as something of your choosing. If your going to be saving the rules to be used with an earlier version of Microsoft Outlook then select the options Save as type "Outlook Compatible Rules Wizard rules" with the version of Outlook that you want the rules to be compatible for and click save.



Importing the rules is just as simple as clicking "Import Rules" and selecting the filename in the directory where you want to import the rules from.


If you want any more help using Microsoft Outlook with email whether it be adding an email address to the program that your having difficulty with or getting a password reset, call North East IT Support on 07473895052 or message us at to enquire about our services.