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We charge no callout fee and exercise a no-fix no-fee policy

We’ll install Operating Systems, set them up to your requirements, create customized system images, have system images created on a schedule or perform other backup methods. We’ll upgrade your Operating Systems and restore your user data, we’ll repair all Operating System issues and software issues that prevent the software from loading. We’ll configure your Operating system the way you want it, setting access controls, customizing the user interface, implement OS security hardening, single sign on for desktop applications and web applications.

We can install your favorite software from Office 365 including Sharepoint and Exchange. Office 365 has Microsoft Software: Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, Powerpoint, Access, OneNotes and other addons like Visio, Sharepoint, Flow, Graph API and MyAnalytics.

Microsoft Exchange lets you accomplish more with a rich business class email experience on phones, tablets, desktops and the web allowing you to enjoy enterprise email capabilities with bigger and more reliable mailboxes and experience better collaboration with document sharing. Exchange is available as a standalone hosted service from Microsoft or as a part of an Office 365 plan that includes Office apps, Sharepoint and Skype for business.

With Sharepoint you can share and manage content. You can share knowledge and applications and quickly find information and seamlessly collaborate across your organisation over the internet on any device. Sharepoint is an intranet for your business where you can access it on any device, access your company’s files and open web applications delivered from Sharepoint itself. Sharepoint Online is a cloud-based service hosted by Microsoft for businesses of all sizes; any business can subscribe to an Office 365 plan or to the standalone Sharepoint Online serivice and you can create sites to share information and documents with colleagues and customers.

We can implement thin client computing environments with your company’s software and storage delivered from a central server, this setup saves space on your employees’ desks and organises things seamlessly so that every employee has a convenient experience accessing their data and programs.

We deal with problems like slow Operating System performance, locked out user accounts, software error codes and messages. Dysfunctional start menu buttons, unresponsive user interface, Microsoft Office errors, deleted system files or folders.

We can implement authentication solutions on your system to secure the way you access your applicaitons, we can set user permissions on data for role based security, we’ll make sure your applications are updated and bugs are fixed so that your application is working the way you need it.

We can provide remote support to your business after the first visit and resolve any technical difficulties related to the initial job.

We’ll ensure your computer is protected with antivirus applications and configure them appropriately; we’ll adjust it to allow to run the applications you want and prevent blocking safe intended services.

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