PC Computer Networks Support & Installation


Are you looking for new PC computer networking equipment, starting up a new business location, or have existing infrastructure and are looking for a new technician. We will setup and configure the network equipment such as routers, switches, network attached storage, intrusion detection systems and firewall hardware.

We customise your pc network the way you want it, so you can have company data centrally on the network with access permissions or you can have data located on each machine, but with ability to access the data from other machines. We can set password policies to request users to change their password according to the rules set, we can diagnose and resolve internet connectivitiy issues and slow network access.

We can set your computer network security to meet a good standard baseline to prevent data theft or denial of service attacks. We can implement a set of network rules to deny malicious attacks on your business such as through phishing, web browser attacks and identity theft. We can blacklist websites for you and we can establish network authentication services for users login in to the Local Area Network to prevent unauthorised devices or users getting into your local network.

We can enable data redundancy so that your data is safe in case of hardware failures and we can implement file backup plans as you need.

We can resolve network technical problems with inability to connect to applications over the internet to other work sites.

Most of our manufacturers equipment comes with a 12 months warranty and we will manage your device returns & replacements if faults occur.


We charge no callout fee


Call us now on 07473895052 to enquire about PC computer networks support & installation


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