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Here at North East IT Support we offer a wide range of services from PC repair, device management to software support

We accept credit/debit card, bank transfer and cash payments

  • We provide an honest and friendly service
  • We won't use technical jargon and we'll talk to you comprehensibly
  • We listen carefully to our customers and give our advice
  • We keep our appointments and keep you updated
  • We'll tell you if we make mistakes
  • We won't over-charge you
  • We keep your information completely confidential
  • We're open to your thoughts and ideas for feedback


Call us now on 07473895052 to discuss what you need, we're happy to help or give simple information and advice



We are certified with the following certifications

CompTIA A+ Certified CE Logo.pngCompTIA Network+ Certified CE Logo.pngCompTIA Security+ Certified CE Logo.pngcert-ms-systems-admin.jpg


We are affiliates with the following companies

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