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Windows Server & Software Support


Opting for a Windows Server environment allows you to centralise management of printers, storage, network connection security and windows updates. Windows server enables your business to take network security further by checking the authenticity of device connection and preventing untrusted devices from connecting. Windows Server is a central place where you can distribute and enforce user computer management, features like not being able to use certain programs, Windows tools and reduced privileges. This helps to protect your infrastructure from file deletion, system failures, corruption and to protect the acceptable use policy such as web browsing and program usage. Having Windows Server at your workplace you can remotely connect to this kind of service from home and access your files that you have stored at your work place securely, completely privately unlike using a public cloud provider. This kind of environment makes it easier to deploy a range of software to your computers and your users will be able to access their data from any computer they login to with their personal username and password.

Our System Administration support is flexible and knowledgeable, we won't charge you a penny if we don't resolve the problem for you. System administration support for SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) SMB (Small & Medium-sized Businesses). We'll make sure that security is there so your data is stolen or taken indirectly. We'll make device connection, employee file and program level of access control, project sharing and high network communication speed work functionally  & conveniently for you. For example like being able to connect to a printer in room A but disabling printing permissions to a printer in another room or disabling access for certain users to other network storage because of user right regulations; any network device configuration that you want we'll do it for you.

We have pay as you go services and contract services available for Windows Server & System Administration support for new systems or existing systems.


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